Consultancy to Provide Customized Five Day GIS Training in Belize at the Belize Crime Observatory.

Country: Belize
Language: EN
Number: 1997669
Publication date: 17-05-2017
Source: United Nations Procurement Notices (UNDP)
Tags: Security


Consultancy to Provide Customized Five Day GIS Training in Belize at the Belize Crime Observatory.
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : UNDP Country Office - BELIZE
Deadline : 29-May-17
Posted on : 16-May-17
Development Area : EDUCATION
Reference Number : 37745
Link to Atlas Project :
00080822 - CAM Evidence-Based Information Management CS
Documents :
TOR-MONA GIS Capacity Building
Template for Confirmation of Interest and Submission
Reimbursable LOan Agreement
Overview :

The operational framework for the development of a Belize Crime Observatory (BCO) was created through the Inter-American Observatory Project, which began in October 2011 in the country of Belize. This project was funded through the Anti-Crime Capacity Building Program of Canada, and facilitated by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) of the Secretariat of Multidimensional Security of Organization of American States (OAS). The fundamental aim of the project is to strengthen:

a) Information Management Systems

b) Strengthen Analysis of Crime and Violence Data

c) Improve Public Security in the Region

The Belize Crime Observatory website is the official source of up-to-date crime and violence data in Belize. The data is presented in three formats: Plain data, Crime Analysis Publications (PDF) and a GIS web map. This ArcGIS web map hosts comparative statistics on eight (8) indicators associated with citizen security in Belize between the years 2015 and 2016.

This web map was developed during the establishment of the Belize Crime Observatory and is designed in such a way that the actual geographical coordinates are not displayed as the website is a public platform. Eventually, the Belize Crime Observatory website will also host a private platform, accessible to key decision makers, where all the geocoded information on crime will be available.

The purpose of this capacity building exercise is to fully enable the staff at the Belize Crime Observatory and the Belize City Crime Analysis Unit to present analysed crime data using story maps, data clocks, web maps and other GIS related products. The staff will be able to use ArcGIS software to inform operations and strategy on crime especially in areas where a particular offense may be prevalent. Additionally, this five day course is expected to deepen the participant’s understanding of Crime Prevention and Management using GIS software.

Please see below an example of the Crime Statistics Map on the Belize Crime Observatory Website (